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Once More, with Feeling: The Art of the Thank-You

There it was:  the de rigueur thank-you e-mail from a young lawyer who just had a networking meeting with me.

So good, so far.  If only his thank-you hadn’t arrived within five minutes of our saying good-bye to each other.

Promptness is – most times – a virtue.   But sending thank-you e-mails right on the heels of finishing a job interview or networking meeting can leave the impression that you’re simply going through the motions.  (I wondered, in fact, if my young colleague had written his thank-you message before he’d even met me.)

To get the most bang for your thank-you buck, do the following:

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Suppose They Gave a Meeting and Nobody Came?

“Doing more with less” has become the business mantra in recent years – resulting in cutbacks to budgets, hiring, staffing and outside spending.

So why isn’t anybody thinking about how “doing more with less” should be applied to meetings?

I’ve probably spent 80% of my ‘C’-level career in meetings.   And roughly half of that meeting time was a waste of my time.

To tame the meeting beast, try following these seven guidelines:

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