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From the Client’s Chair: Why Your Firm’s Legal Bills Don’t Get Paid

As a general counsel, I’ve paid a lot of legal bills over the years.

Most of the time, I was happy to pay them after only a quick review.  But then there were the bills that languished, waiting until I had the time — or had calmed down enough — to get in touch with their sender.

To assure that your firm’s bills don’t “stall out” once they land in your client’s inbox, follow these guidelines: Continue reading


“So, Tell Me About Yourself”: Interviewing with Finesse

Many years ago, I got a call from a “big deal” recruiter in charge of filling a Fortune 1000 company ‘C’-level position.  After introducing herself, the recruiter’s first words were, “So, tell me something about yourself.”

My response?  “Well, what do you want to know?”  (She had my resume right there in front of her, after all….)  So wrong!

Not surprisingly, I didn’t hear from that recruiter a second time.

Since then, I’ve learned to handle the “tell me…” question with a fair amount of finesse.  You can do the same, by following these guidelines: Continue reading

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Message in a Bottle: How to Get People to Read Your E-Mails

E-mail may be dead when it comes to communicating with your teenage kids, but in the business world it’s alive and kicking.

Like teenagers and texting, business people tend to opt for e-mailing even when the person they’re sending to is right next door. The result of all this keyboard clicking is inboxes bursting with unread messages.

For the moment, let’s leave aside the question of how to manage all the “stuff” coming into your inbox. Instead, let’s focus on how – when you’re the sender of the “stuff” – to increase the chances that your e-malls will get read.

Getting read requires getting opened. If you happen to be the CEO or managing partner, most everyone is going to open the e-mails you send. (Job security could hinge on it.)

But, for the rest of us, the trick to getting opened depends entirely on what you choose for your e-mail’s subject line.

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