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From the Client’s Chair: Why Your Firm’s Marketing Pitch Didn’t Work — Reason #3

‘From the Client’s Chair’ is a blog post series that explores some of the ways law firms ‘misfire’ when trying to win (and keep) business. The observations are based on my experiences as a General Counsel ‘client’ who has selected and worked with hundreds of law firms over the years. So, let’s turn to…

 Reason #3 for Not Winning My Business: ‘It’s All About Me’

Every General Counsel has been there: The conference room door shuts, the law firm starts its marketing pitch and, for the next hour or so, a quartet of ‘suits’ spews forth about the firm’s competencies, talent pool and achievements.

So, what’s wrong with this picture? Not one person in the group has tried to figure out what my company’s (and, hence, my) problems are and how we’ve been approaching them.

Rather, the firm has interpreted the phrase ‘dog and pony show’ literally, trotting out one expert after another, with the intent of ‘wowing’ me into a business relationship. Continue reading