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From the Client’s Chair: Why Your Firm’s Marketing Pitch Didn’t Work – Reason #1

In my career as a general counsel, I’ve been asked to put together many, many panel discussions on more or less the same topic. I’ll call it:  How Law Firms “Blow It” When Marketing to the General Counsel.

I suppose these speaking requests mean I’ve developed a reputation as a crank. So be it. When it comes to law firms trying to get business from my fellow GCs and me, the mistakes we’ve seen are glaring. The good news? Many are easy to fix.

In this series of blog posts, “From the Client’s Chair,” I’ll discuss some of the mistakes firms make when trying to win a client’s business.

The overarching theme of this series– that is, the thing that all of these mistakes have in common – is this: Law firms need to realize that a marketing pitch is not about them; rather, it’s about the client.

So, let’s get started: Continue reading