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Play Chess, Not Candy Land: Managing Your Career

I meet a lot of people through networking. Many of them want jobs they don’t have a prayer of getting. The sad thing? They don’t know that.

What all of these people have in common is that they’ve never looked beyond their next job and planned their careers. All along, they should have been playing career chess – where positions and moves are considered with a view to the endgame. Instead, they’ve been hopping around a Candy Land board: no strategy, no control, but hoping for luck.

Let’s look at the world of law, for a moment. If you work in a law firm, the “top dog” position is equity partner. In a corporation, it’s general counsel.

If you think you’d like to attain either of these positions, you had better quickly learn what skills are needed, devise a strategy for developing them, then – with careful timing — move into positions that offer the best shot at reaching your “goal” job.

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