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From the Client’s Chair: Why Your Firm’s Marketing Pitch Didn’t Work – Reason #2

“From the Client’s Chair” is a series of blog posts that identifies some of the mistakes law firms make when trying to win business. Believe me, there are many.  So, let’s move to…

Reason #2 for Not Winning My Business: You’re Just like All the Other Guys

When you become a general counsel, your popularity soars – at least, among the law firm crowd. (Your company’s own employees sometimes hold you in different regard: “What do you mean we can’t bungee jump off the roof at our summer outing?”)

As a new GC, you’re courted by droves of firm partners, all hoping to win a piece of your company’s legal work. Many business lunches later, most of these marketing pitches blur.

So, what’s a law firm to do? Many things (hence, this “From the Client’s Chair” series). But, among them, be prepared to respond to a comment like this:

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