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Too Much of a Good Thing: The Art of Hanging Up

I have a friend in the ‘service biz’ who knows he’s got a problem.

As a partner at one of Boston’s largest law firms, his world is ruled by clients:   At times when most people are sleeping — and at places where most people are loafing — he’s talking to clients, thinking about clients or doing work for clients.

Nothing new about that.

But my friend’s clients often come to like him so much they start calling simply to shoot the breeze or share their half-baked, ‘get-rich-quick’ ideas.

Being a well-bred sort, my friend doesn’t know how to get off the phone once these client feel-good conversations run on past their ‘sell-by dates.’  Meanwhile, work that needs doing right now piles higher, and another day at the office has been extended deep into the night. Continue reading